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Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy

Pre-orders are advance purchases made on merchandise that is scheduled to ship at a future date. You may Pre-Order Merchandise in one of two ways: You may pre-order merchandise directly from our website or by calling our boutique.

 If ordering online, you pay a 25% deposit on the items you wish to pre-order. If you do opt for the deposit option, the remaining balance will be owed at the time your items are shipped to you. We will contact you for this payment and we need to hear back from you within 2 weeks or you may forfeit your deposit. Your items will not be shipped until payment has been received in full.

Because the items you order are purchased especially for you and will no longer be available for others to purchase, and because as our stock is purchased, we may re-order more for stock,  canceled Pre-Orders deposit will not be refunded.
We will always do our best to exchange sizes for you when the size you preordered doesn't work and if your size is unavailable, we will  exchange your preorder for other same season merchandise without any cancellation fees.

In stock items placed with a preorder will be considered a separate order and shipping prices will be adjusted. In stock items will ship immediately and cannot be held to ship with preorders.

If the manufacturer decides not to produce a certain style you will be refunded your deposit or if they do not ship that style to us for whatever reason, you will also be refunded your deposit.

We are not responsible for Pre-Orders/Reserve Items that arrive late due to manufacturer delays. We consider the expected delivery date up through 30 days later than expected to still be "Acceptable & On Schedule".